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Hi, I am hoping to use my Blog as an introduction into me and the journey I have made with my business. As well as the trials and tribulations of working for yourself and some 'Choccie' facts thrown in for good measure. 

By Annie, Feb 19 2017 08:34PM

What brings a person to give up a successful career to play with chocolate all day?

I have been running The Chocolate Pizza Company for nearly 3 years now and during this period have been asked many times 'What made you want to work with Chocolate?" My response is often, "Who wouldn't want to!" But, I thought the time has now come to share my journey with you.

I have always been dedicated and passionate in all I do and this has often led to a serious work / life imbalance. As a Primary teacher running a unit of 3 classes I put 150% into my career and found it thorougly rewarding. However, it soon became apparent that maybe there was more to life and that we need to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way.

It was my 40th Birthday year that sparked it all - not a mid-life crisis! I vowed to experience a new challenge every month and this I certainly did, with a charity Sky Dive, Abseiling and Skidooing in Bulgaria to name a few. However, within this year I was also to realise that life is short and our time is precious. So, by September of that year my decision was made and I gave my Head Teacher 1 years notice to leave. I had no idea what I was going to do but knew it was time to change. It was during a weekend walk with my Husband and dog that I received a phone call from my Best Friend offering me the opportunity to take over The Chocolate Pizza Company. I was full of exctement and nerves and after several days of discussions, decided to go for it!

We moved the business down to Devon in the May and for 3 tough months I was teaching and running the business. It was certainly a jump in at the deep end but by the Summer I was excited to be able to dedicate 100% into the business. The response from those around me was "You must be mad! Giving up a well paid job to play with chocolate all day?"

However, I now truly believe you need to take every opportunity to do what makes you happy in life.

Running your own Business is definately a roller coaster but is full of rewards and satisfaction. It also allows me to enjoy the greater things in life like time with my family, friends and walks with my dog.

I have learnt alot along the way and I intend to share more of my journey with you over the next few Blogs.

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